6 Ways Lighthouse Can Make Your Job A Whole Lot Easier

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When you work at a nonprofit, you’re constantly wearing multiple hats. So, if there’s a tool out there that could make your life less chaotic, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Introducing Lighthouse by Whole Whale, a Google Analytics add-on created to help nonprofits and for-good companies match a name and email to anonymous web visitors. Let’s dive into 6 ways that Lighthouse can shed light on your most important users and make your job a whole lot easier:

1. Target Unconverted Donors

Want to hear a modern-day nonprofit tragedy? A user has already voluntarily subscribed to your email list, made their way through your site, consumed content, read your resources, and, at last, have found their way onto your donation page and then…they don’t convert. Without connecting their email address to their site activity, you won’t ever be able to get another chance to convince them why they should donate to your organization. This isn’t the case anymore. Using activity segmentation in Lighthouse by Whole Whale, you can group all of these users into one list and retarget them via a customized email marketing campaign so they’re no longer the ones that got away. Then, you can keep those donors coming back.

2. Prepare For VIP Meetings

Picture this: You have an important meeting with a big foundation that could become a potential partner and a large monetary supporter of your organization. If it doesn’t go well, people will be looking at you as the one to blame. Sounds stressful, right? Well with Lighthouse by Whole Whale, you can get ahead by seeing exactly what kinds of pages and content the person you’re meeting with has visited, and use that information to help tailor your conversation around the topics that interest them the most. For example, if you see they’ve revisited a blog post you have about new medical research advancements, you can use that as an icebreaker to start off the meeting and maybe give them some more detailed information since you know it’s a topic they’re highly interested in learning more about.

3. Track New Leads

What if you’re noticing visitors aren’t taking full advantage of all the rich content and services your organization has to offer? With Lighthouse by Whole Whale you can track specific actions users take (or don’t take) on your site, like people who visit the ‘Find Services’ page but don’t actually perform a zip code search. You can also use Lighthouse by Whole Whale to export an email leads list of people who visited a specific page, or have a specific domain attached to their email address (like .gov or .edu) and follow up with content or messaging that would interest them. From there, the opportunities for converting leads or developing partnerships are endless.


4. Identify Superfans

Superfans are the visitors who come back to your site day after day, who are constantly consuming the newest content you have to offer and browsing your services or “About” pages. Now you can activate them to have an even greater impact on your nonprofit. By setting up an activity segment, you can compile and export an email list of people who are visiting your website the most. This allows you to send more personalized content and even higher-barrier asks, like donations, just to the most super of fans.

5. Make Timely Connections

By setting up VIP Notifications, you’ll be able to see the most recent time a high-value user visited your website, and send a follow-up email without wasting any time. This is useful if you want to track activity around a digital campaign you’ve just launched that urges users to take an action, such as signing a petition or hosting an event. You can follow up with users who landed on your site after finding the campaign and give them a little nudge to take action.

6. Exact Lead Attribution  

There are a lot of  marketing mechanisms that work together to convert a user into a donor. Lead attribution in Google Analytics can only show you aggregated attribution. Now, with Lighthouse by Whole Whale, you can take it a step further and see the exact path a donor took before making the big leap. Lighthouse by Whole Whale can show all the marketing touchpoints for a user associated with a specific email address. From there you can see how email, social, and paid advertising efforts worked in tandem to reel in that high-value donor, and use it to inform future marketing decisions.
Have more questions about Lighthouse by Whole Whale? Got to getlighthouse.io to see how it works and learn more.