Facebook Advertising Grants for Nonprofits


UPDATE: As of 11/16/15, Facebook and ActionSprout have closed the application for Facebook Ad Credits. Stay tuned for more updates on how this program develops.


Drop what you’re doing! If you’re like us and have been hoping for a Facebook Ad Grant, big news arrived this week. We guess they read our Open Letter, because Facebook has launched a new advertising credit program for nonprofits. They’re following in the footsteps of the Google Adwords Grant which has been running for 10 years and has given billions in ad credit to nonprofits to date.

The official application is now open (as of November 1st, 2015) and it is being run through the ActionSprout platform.

Details on the Facebook Advertising Ad Credits

Facebook is putting up $2,000,000 dollars in Ad Credits for this one-time initiative. These will be distributed in increments of $600 to $1,500 for ~2000 qualifying nonprofits, and the money will be distributed over a 3 month window. Ad Credits are given each month to the account and need to be spent within 30 days of receipt.

The initial grant is limited to the first ~2,000 qualifying nonprofits and then to the discretion of ActionSprout based on a number of factors including fan count, past ad spend, page engagement, and posting frequency. Another X-factor seems to be how many people you share your application link with once you’ve applied.

How to apply for Facebook Advertising Grant – Ad Credits

The application is by invite only. Fortunately pulled some strings and were able to get the invitation link – apply for Facebook Ad Credits here.

  1. Become the Admin of your nonprofit’s Facebook Page. Admin is the highest access available.
  2. Create a Facebook Advertising account and connect your method of payment (this will not be charged for this grant).
  3. Go to the invitation link and click the “Connect with Facebook” button to approve the ActionSprout platform. Make sure you’re logged in to the right FB account.
  4. Select the correct Facebook Page and the Advertising account you set up. This needs to be all connected with one account.
  5. Enter your nonprofit’s EIN number and hit enter.
  6. You’re done(ish). You will be given an invite link to share which seems to be directly related to how much you are eligible to receive from $600-$1,500. 

Decisions will be made as early as Nov 15th, 2015.

Application Screen


Confirmation Screen


From the Horse’s Mouth 

“We will be awarding ~2000 nonprofits with ad credits. Recipients will receive credits of either $600, $900, $1200 or $1500 over a three month period.

All qualified applicants will be immediately eligible for $600. You can increase the amount you are eligible for and improve your chance of being accepted by referring other nonprofits to apply. Applicants who refer the most nonprofits will be eligible for the full $1500 award.”

Eligibility for the Facebook Ad Credits for nonprofits

  • You must be a 501c(3) registered in the U.S.
    • Religious and political groups are exempt
  • Your organization must have been in operation for at least one year
  • You must have a Facebook advertising account set up
  • Full list of FAQs about the program:http://actionsprout.com/ad-credits-faq/


This is a new grant program and there will be some bumps. A BIG concern that we have is that if you over spend the Ad Credit given to you in one month that it will charge your credit card. BE WARNED, make sure the person managing your account sets the correct spending limit.

Final thought

It’s up to all of us to show that this new ad credit program can be used to drive real impact. So go forth, apply, and promise us you’ll use these ads smartly to drive impact for your nonprofit organization!

Are you applying for the Facebook Ad Credit for nonprofits? Have questions or ideas on how to use it? We’d love to hear from you – Tweet at us @WholeWhale.

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