Google Analytics training resources for all levels of experience


Google Analytics: We know it, we love it, we can never learn enough. So it’s a good thing that Google Analytics training resources are plentiful on the internet.
Plus, the tool changes frequently, meaning there’s always a new or modified feature, and therefore a reason to dive deeper. Whether you’re a Google Analytics beginner just learning about goals and events or an expert looking to hone your skills and stay on top of new features, there’s a resource for you. Here are our favorite Google Analytics training resources for all levels of experience.

Google Analytics training for the newbie

If you’re brand new to Google Analytics, then this section is definitely for you. And if you’re more intermediate or advanced, we still recommend reviewing these fundamental GA training resources before swimming ahead:

Google Analytics Academy: For Beginners

It always helps to start straight at the source. Google Analytics has their own beginner-level training resources, in the form of YouTube videos and articles leading up to becoming certified in Google Analytics. Analytics Academy also has an abundant FAQ section for when you’re stuck, plus quizzes to test yourself along the way.

Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik is the godfather of Google Analytics: author of Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and Web Analytics 2.0, the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google, and a friend of the pod. This particular resource on Web Analytics Demystified breaks down the topic succinctly. Sign up for his newsletter to get regular insights on analytics in general, as well as deep dives into different Google Analytics features.


TechSoup is an awesome resource for trainings on all kinds of nonprofit marketing topics. We especially love their Google Analytics 101 + 201 course because, spoiler alert, our Whalers are the instructors. This course covers the basics of how Google Analytics works, what is does, what nonprofits should be tracking, and how. It is also constantly being updated so it will grow and advance along with you.

Whole Whale TV

Another #shamelessplug: If you already know the basics of Google Analytics and want tips on how to optimize your account, check out our video series Whole Whale TV! Whalers will walk you through everything from UTM tagging, finding campaign data in Google Analytics, setting up goals, using segments, and more. These videos are great for transitioning from beginner to intermediate.

Google Analytics training for the accidental techie

So you joined your organization with one job, like marketing or development, and suddenly you blinked and now you are your team’s go-to analyst. You’ve learned a lot on the job and have the fundamentals down, but aren’t quite at pro status yet. Even if you are still a beginner, these 3 training resources will help you swim up the learning curve at record speed:


Measureschool is an awesome resource to help recap the basics of Google Analytics and get into advanced configurations with Google Tag Manager. The videos are clear, concise, and always data-driven.


LuneMetrics is nothing if not thorough. They have resources on all things Google Analytics that include video tutorials, tl;dr definitions, and long-form explanations of features. If you want to really invest in analytics training, they also have in-person seminars in select cities.


Kissmetrics is another favorite resource to turn to when you have Google Analytics questions or have 10 minutes for a quick, ad-hoc Google Analytics training. They have marketing guides tailored to different goals or campaigns, as well as frequent live webinars.

Google Analytics training for the analytics obsessed

You’ve been using Google Analytics for years, and you just can’t get enough. (Same!) You can set up simple and complicated configurations, craft an insight report, and train your team on the basics. To dive deeper and get the most out of this advanced reporting tool, check out our favorite advanced training resources:

Google Analytics Academy: Advanced

Again, return to the source! Google Analytics Academy has an advanced level course for when you’ve finished watching the beginner level videos and reading the corresponding articles. Plus, they have some specialized tracks if you want to dive deeper on Google Analytics 360 or Ecommerce.


Optimizesmart, founded by Himanshu Sharma, has some specific (and pretty lengthy) free ebooks. Maths and Stats for Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization is a consistently high-rated guide for those looking to up their analytics game.

Simo Ahava

Simo Ahava is the Senior Data Advodate at Reaktor and has been a Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics since 2014. He has a background in academics as well as marketing and analytics, so all his resources are structured with the student in mind. If you are looking at the more technical side of Google Analytics, this is the resource for you.
So much to learn, and so many resources to help you along the way! What are your favorite Google Analytics trainings? Share them with us at @WholeWhale.