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It’s All About Email

You might be thinking— “hold up, it’s the roaring ‘20s! Is email still a thing?” The answer is YES. Getting more email subscribers might be the most important thing you can do to up your nonprofit’s marketing game. Email marketing offers the highest potential ROI across marketing channels. We’re talking 4x the ROI of social media or direct mail. After all, more than half of the planet’s population has an email account. People who opt-in to your email list are telling you explicitly that they want to hear more from you. That could mean they’re more likely to volunteer, fundraise, or donate in the future. But you’ll need to grow your list of email subscribers first. In this journey, you’ll clean up your current email list, learn key lead generation strategies, and leverage your website traffic into email list growth.

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Email Audit and Migration Template


1. Email Audit and Migration Template

Email lists can get messy. Through your marketing and outreach efforts, your email platform can become a hodgepodge of multiple lists with scattered groups and segments that makes it hard to manage. Before you get more email subscribers, use our template to make sure your account is built to scale.


Best Practices to Grow Your Email List


2. Best Practices to Grow Your Email List

In this intro-level guide, you’ll learn why gaining email subscribers is one of the most important actions in the funnel of engagement, as well as the most important actions you can take to drive leads from your website.


Content Marketing + SEO to Drive Impact


3. Content Marketing + SEO to Drive Impact

If you can get your content to the first page of Google, you gain incredible opportunities to engage with 90% of internet users and drive them towards meaningful conversions such as – you guessed it – getting more email subscribers. Our course on strategic content marketing will help you write for the web to increase traffic to the pages you want your potential subscribers to see.


Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits


4. Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

Now that you have content on your site, you can use Google Ads to drive even more traffic to these pages, and drive even more conversions that matter when you’re growing your list of email subscribers. The Google Ad Grant is $10,000 of free search advertising to drive traffic to your organization’s website, and our comprehensive course will help you apply for the grant, optimize it for maximum impact, and comply with Google’s regulations.


A/B Testing Essentials


5. A/B Testing Essentials

What page layouts are most effective for driving email signups? What kind of messaging on a pop-up will capture the most leads? With A/B testing, you’ll know! This two-part tutorial will show you how to use start testing on your website. You’ll continue to gain more email subscribers when you do more of what’s working, and less of what doesn’t. When in doubt, always be A/B testing.

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