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Data at Your Fingertips

Data should be the foundation for any decision-making. Unfortunately, Google Analytics out of the box is neither 100% accurate nor easy to interpret. Have no fear. We here at Whole Whale  believe in the power of building a data culture in every organization, and we offer marketing analytics courses that can transform you and your team into data-aficionados in no time.

With the proper set up and tools, you can have beautiful, custom dashboards that show the most important metrics without getting lost in a sea of data. That’s why we’ve compiled our best marketing analytics courses, tools and templates, just for you. Think of these resources as your submarine, equipping you and your whole team to get as excited about deep diving into data as we are. On this learning journey, you’ll learn how to set up tracking, how to build custom dashboards and reports, and how to glean meaningful insights from your findings.

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Google Analytics for Nonprofits


1. Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Before driving traffic to your website, you’ll want to make sure you have proper tracking in place. Otherwise, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of data, and you could be making marketing decisions based on skewed information. It’s vitally important to see things clearly. Our course on Google Analytics for Nonprofits will introduce you to the free tool, how to set it up, and understand the data it provides.


Google Tag Manager Template Bundle


2. Google Tag Manager Template Bundle

If you want to track the number submissions to your email sign up form, or the number of people registering for your next event, you’ll need custom event tracking. Unfortunately, Google Analytics can’t track the actions that matter to your organization right out of the box. But as long as you have a developer on your team, you can use our free templates for Google Tag Manager and GA4 to set up Whole Whale’s recommended event tracking in record time. The best part? Along with our free templates, Google Tag Manager is also free of charge, and its value for your marketing analytics is priceless.


Google Data Studio Tutorial + Templates


3.Google Data Studio Tutorial + Templates

Want to share crucial metrics with your team in a way that doesn’t make them zone out? There is an art to presenting the valuable data you find in an engaging and beautiful way via Google Data Studio dashboards. Plus, you can make the data you need available at your fingertips in a snap, saving time and increasing understanding across the (dash)board. In this training, you will learn the skills and best practices needed to build marketing analytics dashboards in Google Data Studio, as well as develop the capacity to use those reports to make decisions and increase impact. Plus, you’ll get dashboard templates you can easily customize for your team.


Year-over-Year Insights Reporting with Google Analytics


4. Year-over-Year Insights Reporting with Google Analytics

How is your digital strategy improving? What were your most effective campaigns this year? What drives the most traffic, email signups, and donations? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to conduct a year-over-year insights report of your most crucial marketing analytics, so you can get the answers to these questions and set goals for next year.


2020 nonprofit annual report template

Nonprofit Annual Report Template


5. Nonprofit Annual Report Template

At the end of the year, you’ll need to report on all the awesome work you’ve done in a way that is digestible to stakeholders. Now that you’re the expert on marketing analytics, you’ve got this. (Look at you!)  We want to make it even easier for you. Our Nonprofit Annual Report Template is built in Canva so it is easy to use — no design experience necessary! 

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