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Get Quality Web Traffic

Wondering how to get more traffic to your website? We get it. Increased website traffic means more opportunities to educate, nurture, and convert users. But the old adage – “If you build it, they will come” – is not necessarily true. You need to write content that meets your audience’s needs, in the language that your audience uses. By the end of this journey, you’ll be able to craft an SEO-informed content marketing strategy, promote your content, and report on your traffic performance.

These 5 WWU products were curated specially for you. Think of this as your toolbox, containing everything you need to increase quality web traffic for years to come. We’ve curated the courses you need to increase web traffic. Get started by purchasing them individually, or subscribe to Whole Whale University to unlock access to all our courses, guides, and tutorials along with first dibs on a seat at our upcoming webinars.


Google Analytics for Nonprofits


1. Google Analytics for Nonprofits

Before driving traffic to your website, you’ll want to make sure you have proper tracking in place. Our course on Google Analytics for Nonprofits will introduce you to the free tool, how to set it up, and understand the data it provides.


Google Tag Manager Template Bundle


2. Google Tag Manager Template Bundle

Got a developer on your team? Help them help you track the behaviors that make the most sense for your organization, and make the most of the traffic that comes to your website. Share our free templates for Google Tag Manager and GA4 so they can set up Whole Whale’s recommended event tracking in record time.


Content Marketing + SEO to Drive Impact


3. Content Marketing + SEO to Drive Impact

If you can get your content to the first page of Google, you create more accessible front doors to your website and hopefully get users to take more action with your organization. Our course on strategic content marketing will help you write for the web to increase traffic on your site.


Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits


4. Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits

Now that you have content on your site, you can use Google Ads to drive even more traffic to these pages. The Google Ad Grant is $10,000 of free search advertising to drive traffic to your organization’s website, and our comprehensive course will help you apply for the grant, optimize it for maximum impact, and comply with Google’s regulations.


Google Data Studio Template


5. Google Data Studio Template

After you’ve set up tracking, written new content, and built search ads, it’s time to review the data. With our free Google Data Studio template, you’ll be able to create a dashboard that reports on traffic growth over time, so you can build on what’s working and pivot from what’s not. 

It’s Always Back to School Season

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