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Find Committed Supporters

Before you can convince your supporters to share your campaigns, volunteer, or donate, you need to find supporters. That means you need to build an audience that cares about your cause by reaching people on the platforms that they actually use. By the end of this journey, you’ll be equipped with the necessary strategies and tools to raise awareness about your cause on any budget. 

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Digital Marketing Calendar Template


1. Digital Marketing Calendar Template

Before you start your campaign, make sure you have a plan in place! Our free Digital Marketing Calendar template gives you a place to align your cross-channel communications, plan out content and campaigns in advance, and track progress.


Whole Whale UTM Builder Logo

UTM Builder & Shortener


2. UTM Builder & Shortener

By custom tagging URLs that you share via ads, social media, or email, you’ll be able to report on the success of your campaigns in Google Analytics. Otherwise, it’s hard to know whether traffic is actually coming from your campaigns, organic traffic, direct traffic, or elsewhere. We’ve made campaign tagging easy with this template, which will do all the hard work for you!


Social Media for Social Impact


3. Social Media for Social Impact

Social media marketing for nonprofits STILL matters, and social media tools can still be used to drive incredible levels of nonprofit impact and social good. Our comprehensive course will provide you with the best practices and case study examples for how to use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to increase awareness.


$100 Social Advertising Budget


4. $100 Social Advertising Budget

With organic social views dwindling every year, it’s clear that social media platforms like Facebook are really advertising platforms in a thinly veiled disguise. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on social ads. This tutorial will help you plan an advertising campaign that amplifies your content and makes the most out of whatever budget you have.


nonprofit social media campaign graphic template

Nonprofit Social Media Graphics Template and Guide


5. Nonprofit Social Media Graphics Template and Guide

Now that you have both an organic and paid plan in place, it’s time to prep your creative! It’s time for your organization to elevate the design of your digital campaigns, and this nonprofit social media design starter pack includes everything you need to launch a smart, visually appealing campaign.

It’s Always Back to School Season

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