How to Best Use Google Ad Grant in 2022?

Google gives nonprofits $120,000 a year of in-kind dollars to advertise their cause. Is your nonprofit making the most of the Google Ad Grant? Set your nonprofit up for success, and multiply your impact through driving traffic, leads, and donations.Join Whole Whale’s Senior Content Strategist Sarah Homet on this hour-long webinar to learn:

  • What the Google Ad Grant is – and why it matters
  • How to apply for the Ad Grant
  • Key policy requirements for setting up and maintaining the grant
  • Tips for using the Ad Grant to drive impact in 2022, including the recent switch to responsive ads


Sarah Homet

Senior Content Strategist

Sarah serves as an account manager for Whole Whale’s clients, specializing in SEO, Content Strategy, and the Google Ad Grant. Her clients are inspired by her ability to bring a creative and empathetic lens to data analysis, research, and technical problem-solving. Sarah’s work has made a real-world impact, such as directing over 3 million sessions to critical vaccine information during COVID-19 with Ad Council, increasing organ donor registrations with Donate Life America, and managing half a million dollars to expand access to intercultural education with AFS-USA.  

She received her BS in Sociology and Media Studies from Virginia Commonwealth University, where she became interested in combining knowledge of societal data trends and collective behavior with progressive media work. As a lead writer, Sarah delivered social media and web content for CreateAthon@VCU, which has provided over 2 million dollars worth of pro bono marketing services to nonprofits. This experience was just the precursor to her role at Whole Whale today, where she uses her writing prowess to educate her clients and the Whole Whale team on copywriting strategy. 

Her lifelong passion for nonprofits began while she was growing up in Eastern Europe, where she started volunteering with HOPE worldwide at a very young age. And she’s continued her volunteerism to this day. As a musician, she volunteered as a music therapist for children living with Down syndrome and adults living in psychiatric facilities. She is dedicated to combating mental health stigma and has advocated for more compassionate care in the mental health system and society through writing and music. 

In her free time, she enjoys singing original songs, spending time in nature, and getting analytical about astrology. She is also a proud cat mom.

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5-week Cohort

Google Ad Grant Cohort

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