288: Fundraising Automations to Setup in Q1

Isabelle Brauer, Fundraising Manager at Whole Whale shares a few insights from the newest Whole Whale University Nonprofit Fundraising course

You can’t automate empathy, but you CAN automate a thank you. We all care about our donors but sometimes get lost juggling the ‘human touch’ of nurturing leads and manually completing tasks on time. Creating and sustaining a robust supporter base is one of the most important things your team can do to support your organization, but building relationships with donors often involves time-consuming repetitive tasks.  

One of the most significant sources of nonprofit professional pride is also one of the greatest difficulties: one person is doing the work of 3 people! Recent research states 86% of fundraisers believe technology can automate manual tasks that divert them from their most important task: Raising critical funds to support key programming. 

Ready to spend more of your time relationship-building and less time on repetitive, tedious tasks? Join Whole Whale Fundraising Manager Isabelle Brauer as she shares 7 automated tactics – from easy to hard to execute – nurture leads to donors.