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Give us a shout if you are interested in having us present a workshop, panel, or keynote. Whole Whale also has many rich nonprofit case studies that we can co-present with our clients. We also have a killer list of nonprofit conferences to attend if you are looking.

“George Weiner’s session – Digital Impact Mapping: Using Data to Measure Impact at the 2017 501(c)onference in Los Angeles was amazing. Many of my nonprofit clients believe they must do social media and many even want to measure the results. Whole Whale’s approach is to ask the “why” questions upfront: what is the impact desired, the outcomes to be achieved, the desired audience, etc. From there, you can develop a social media strategy and then determine what is important to measure and maybe even find a sweet spot of easy to measure (rather than measuring everything). The session made so much sense and was so actionable (and it was fun). George is a really engaging presenter covering content effortlessly (without notes!) and did quick simple exercises with the participants that kept our energy up and our focus riveted. Highly recommend attending if you get a chance or looking at the Whole Whale site. ”

– Patty Oertel, President The Oertel Group, Former ED of The Center For Nonprofit Management


In Action

Here are some of the conference sessions/topics we like to speak about. Check out more of our presentations on Prezi and Slideshare. Or watch our presentations from Strata Data 2018 (with Design Whaler Ann) and Nonprofit Technology Conference 2016 (with Chief Whaler George):

Strata Data San Jose Ignite: A/B Testing for Organs and Actions – Ann Nguyen

16NTC Ignite – NPTech Makers: The Pain and Poetry in Building a Platform – George Weiner.

Conference Topics

Google Analytics – What Do the Data Say? Turning Data Into Action

This workshop is perfect for organizations or individuals who are already using Google Analytics, are familiar with the basic terminology and goal tracking, and are ready to take their analysis up a notch. There is more  data available to organizations than ever before in history. The challenge is using the right data to inform decisions and drive toward measurable goals.


  • How to use event tracking + Google Tag Manager to track user behavior
  • Advanced segmentation of your audience to gain deeper insights
  • How to use assisted conversions to get a better understanding of how your traffic channels work together to convert users
  • Building and using custom reports to find insights from your web traffic
  • Creating calculated metrics to get the data you want


Digital Impact Mapping: Predicating Offline Impact via Online Engagement

Impact: this topic is daunting for anyone working in the charity and social cause world. There are an intimidating number of frameworks and approaches to use in defining how your organization impacts the world. Impact matters to the volunteers, donors and foundations that invest time and money into your cause, and to the staff that pour their energy into making the organization run. Relying on intuition, assuming that since you ‘help people’ you must be achieving lasting social impact, is a recipe for waste. This workshop will help your team understand the connection between online engagement and offline impact.  


  • What the Impact Chasm is and how to build a bridge across it
  • Understanding the digital logic model
  • Explanation of the impact marketing funnel and how to adopt it for your organization
  • Predictive indicators: what they are and how to use them


Make it Rain: Using the Google AdWords Grant to Drive Impact

Whole Whale created the first complete online course to maximize the Google AdWords Grant for nonprofits. The Grant is a use-it-or-lose-it, gone-by-midnight Cinderella situation, and we’ve studied how to maximize it for nonprofit impact. This presentation will provide you with training and specific strategies on how to leverage this grant to help the bottom line of your nonprofit.


  • What is the Google AdWords Grant? Why should you apply?
  • Basic principles of Google Adwords and how to set up your account
  • Tips and tricks to make sure you’re maxing out the grant
  • Advanced strategies on getting more bang for your buck


Email + Newsletter Strategy

Email can be one of the most personal connections you build with your audience. If done right, it can help drive awareness, engage your supporters, and motivate your community to action. Learn best practices around email marketing that will help you build a relationship with your users.


  • Basics of managing your email account and technical considerations
  • Recommendations around timing and frequency
  • Email deliverability: how to make sure you avoid the spam filter
  • Tips for subject lines and A/B testing
  • Proven tactics for driving higher CTR and open rate


Don’t Stop A/Believin’ 

Testing variations of landing page content on your site can lead to significant increases in conversions and impact over time. It can be difficult to learn the methodology and process to create effective A/B tests. In this training your team will learn the basics of creating and analyzing A/B tests and will gain the skills to create an ongoing culture that asks “what do the data say?”


  • A/B testing overview  
  • Testing methodology – what and where you can test
  • Testing framework – behavior model
  • How to run a test
  • A/B test examples
  • Ideas for future tests


Be Your Own Social Media Guru

The social media landscape changes at least every 6 months and the smartphone is only accelerating this change. You have two options: 1) You can blindly follow the latest social media fads and gurus or 2) You can let your user engagement data inform your social media strategies. We recommend #2, by the way.

There is a ton of engagement data around what people are doing on your site (Google Analytics) and social platforms/profiles (Facebook Insights and other native social media platforms). Learn to look at your organization’s own data to see what is driving real value. If your organization can gather, analyze and act on its data it will be ready to jump on the next trend in a way that drives real impact.    


  • Learn to identify user trends on your website (via Google Analytics) and social platforms/profiles (via Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Youtube Analytics)
  • Tips on identifying data that is driving real value on these platforms
  • Think quick: Learn the landscape so you can be ready to jump on the next platform in a way that drives real impact.

Note: this 2.5 hour training can also be shortened to focus on just one platform: Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.


Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube Nonprofit Marketing

The one guarantee on YouTube is that you just can’t “make it go viral.” Great online video strategies are built on solid content foundations that support an organization’s purpose. This session will cover YouTube cause marketing case studies – both positive and negative – and discuss the elements in play behind the videos.


  • The basics of the YouTube Nonprofit program
  • Different content strategies applicable and how to incorporate video into your cause marketing campaigns.
  • Tactics for promoting cause videos and building a channel.
  • How to use analytics to boost the power of your online videos.

Facebook Advertising

It’s no secret that you have to pay to play in order to get meaningful social media engagement these days. Facebook advertising is consistently one of the cheapest and most targeted ways to drive brand awareness, engage your followers, and build traffic and conversions on your website. In this session, we’ll use nonprofit case studies to answer the basic questions of Facebook advertising.

We’ll also share some advanced tips and tricks for running effective campaigns and getting the most out of your ad budget to drive impact for your organization. Whether you’re a total newbie to Facebook ads or you’re an old pro, you’ll walk away with new ideas for ways to use Facebook to further your mission.


  • What’s the difference between the various ad formats?
  • How much should I expect to pay?
  • How can I craft an advertising plan that meets my organization’s goals?
  • Finding the ROI: how do I know if it’s worth it?


Content Marketing Strategy + Writing for the Web

If content is written but never gets seen, did it really have an impact? The way you write is nearly as important as what you write. This session will teach you how to write for the web and mobile users. It then goes beyond to help staff understand how elements of SEO keyword research and marketing can be used to make sure the right audience sees your content.


  • Tips for writing for the web with a checklist
  • Content marketing basics for selecting keywords and topics
  • How to start using SEO to increase traffic


Basic SEO Optimization

There are over 200 factors that translate in the the Google Search algorithm that handles over 1 trillion searches each day. This sessions gives a simple history of how we got here and the basics of the algorithm. We’ll cover the main topics and key terms you should know, as well as the guiding principles of the system. This overview will help your team start to decode the nice vs necessary elements of SEO your organization can use to increase organic traffic.


  • Keyword research
  • Link building basics to increase traffic
  • Understanding the on-page and off-page principles of the algorithm  


SEO Evaluation Tools

Time to get your hands dirty with a deep dive into 7 key tools that professional SEO’s use to understand how Google sees and ranks your site. This training covers Google AdPlanner, Google Trends, Google Search console, MOZ keyword tool, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog, and BuzzSumo. Your team will learn how to practically use these tools to learn how to monitor and improve your site’s organic traffic.


  • Practical understanding of core SEO tools
  • Understanding when and how to evaluate SEO
  • Ideas for how to incorporate these tactics into existing processes


Web Redesign: What to Expect When You’re Expecting

The dream is fast, good, and cheap – the reality is that every vendor tells you that you can only have two. Every 2-3 years the average nonprofit website needs a facelift or a massive overhaul based on the organization and the general pace of innovation. This presentation helps you prepare and “nest” for this big public-facing project. Learn practical tips for creating RFPs, finding vendors, negotiating price, and then what to expect from a GOOD web design process. And most importantly, learn how to avoid the 5 sins of web redesigns.


  • Tips and strategies on creating a well-rounded RFP that attracts talented shops and vendors
  • Learn the ins and outs of a GOOD web design process
  • Avoid the 5 sins of web redesigns


29 Awesome #GivingTuesday Ideas + Tactics

Are you ready for Giving Tuesday? There are many different guides, playbooks, toolkits and stories of successful #GivingTuesday strategies out there – we’ve collected 29 of our favorites to discuss in more detail. This is an intense, fun, rapid run down of great ideas that will help organizations brainstorm new approaches to days of giving. This is based on our top blog post of 2015 for #GivingTuesday Tips.


  • What is #GivingTuesday and why you should jump on the bandwagon
  • Ideas for fleshing out your #GivingTuesday plan
  • Tips to make your #GivingTuesday idea as impactful as possible

Custom Training

We create customized half or full day trainings on digital strategy topics. This includes a pre-survey of the audience, analysis of the organization’s approach and data, and a follow up page of training resources that can be built into the nonprofit’s website resources. We love teaching the nonprofit sector everything we know, to get an idea of our style please browse our Whole Whale TV training episodes.


  • Social Media Measurement and Management
  • Google Analytics to measure impact
  • Google AdWords Grant management – includes access to our online course
  • Turning data into action – theory and practice of data driven impact
  • Content Marketing and SEO for impact