AARP Resources for 2023

Whole Whale is excited to be working with AARP grantees. Here is a look at some of the courses that you will have access to:

Big guide to GA4

With the end of Universal Analytics in July of 2023, transitioning to GA4 will be vital for tracking your organization’s engagement and impact. This is a full course demonstrating the fundamentals of GA4 and how it differs from Universal Analytics, led by our Chief Whale, George Weiner and members of our analytics team, Taj Richards & Axel Kaban. You’ll learn how to set up your GA4 configurations, customizing reporting and conversions and developing your approach for key performance indicators in the new platform.

Planning for the Deprecation of UA 

An additional resource laying out how the deprecation of UA and the transition to GA4 will impact analytics and tracking.

How is GA4 different than UA?

An additional resource highlighting the difference between UA and GA4 and what changes users can expect.

The Nonprofits Organization’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy. If you’re not using email effectively, you could be missing out on donations and engagement. In this guide we’ll walk you through all the essentials of running your organization’s email strategy. From lead generation to email segmentation to A/B testing, this guide is a one-stop-shop for bringing your email marketing strategy to the next level.

Best Practices to Grow Your Email List

Email marketing offers the highest potential ROI across marketing channels and drove in 13% of revenue for nonprofits in 2018. See greater return by increasing your list of interested subscribers. Check out our tutorial to learn the latest strategies for lead generation that you can implement before your next fundraising appeal.

 Reporting & Impact Measurement

Year-over-Year Insights Reporting with Google Analytics

Reflecting on the success of your organization’s website is key to managing an effective digital strategy. In this course, Whole Whale’s Director of Advertising Alison Glazer demonstrates how you can use the power of Google Analytics to prioritize important data, find that data in analytics and craft reports to show stakeholders the power of data.


Google Data Studio Template

Google Data Studio Tutorial & Templates

Nonprofit Annual Report Template


Data Driven Recurring Giving

Leverage the power of data to drive recurring giving to your organization! In this course, lead by Whole Whale’s Senior Strategy Manager Isabelle Brauer, you’ll learn how to develop campaign strategies aimed at acquiring monthly sustainers, how to target messaging and leverage your end-of-year fundraising data to grow your impact.

Automated fundraising Strategies

Building and sustaining a robust support base is one of the most important things for your organization, but building relationships is a time-consuming and repetitive process. Learn how to use automation to thank donors and grow those all important relationships.

Donor Retention & Engagement Best Practices

Once you’ve received the first gift from a donor, you want to convert that one-time donor into a lifelong supporter. This short course will teach you to build relationships and nurture first-time donors into recurring donors.

How to Run Effective Facebook Fundraisers

Facebook and Meta platforms are too big to be ignored in the fundraising space. Make sure you’re leveraging the power of this platform by learning to run effective Facebook fundraisers with this course.


Fundraising Thank You Templates 

Facebook Fundraiser Dashboard Template