Why Digital Communication matters

Email and social media are the bedrocks of modern digital communications. Understand the ins and outs so you can create a communication strategy that will build your relationship over time and drive your users toward deeper levels of engagement.

engagement of funnel

What you’ll learn


  • Know the value – don’t spend your time on social media and other communications until you know the value they are driving for your nonprofit.
  • Build your following – tips and tactics for building the base of users who have given you “permission” to talk to them.
  • Optimize for engagement – best practices on email and social media, and bringing it all together to build great fundraising campaigns.

Where to start

Know the value

Learn how to find the value that social media and email can have for your organization.

Build your following

Learn tips and tricks to grow your social media following and build your email list.

Optimize for engagement

Take the next step to improve your communications and learn how to funnel them into an online fundraising strategy.

WWU Online Social media course

Be Your Own Social Media Guru: Using engagement data to drive nonprofit impact

The social media landscape changes every 6 months. Don’t blindly follow the latest social media fads and gurus to guide your social media strategy – learn to look at your organization’s own data to see what is driving real value. This 3-hour course covers Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and will give you a framework to apply to any new platform that comes along.

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