Impact and Capacity

Why does your organization have a website? This can be a difficult question to answer that may elicit different responses depending on who is asked. This section focuses on the approach to defining digital impact metrics and then how to build capacity in the team expected to deliver on these metrics.

What you’ll learn

The resources below will walk through the basics of impact mapping and guides for working with your team to define them. Once metrics are refined, it is time to build digital capacity through digital teams. Ultimately the goal is to create a data culture within your organization so that the entire team brings data in to assist their work.


  • Define KPIs for your website
  • Build organizational buy-in for digital activity
  • Increase the digital capacity of your team

Where to start

Understanding Data Culture

These resources explain the elements of people, process, and product that go into creating a data culture within your organization.

Staff Capacity

Ideas are cheap, it is the team that determines success. This section offers tips on different ways to build digital capacity.

Intern and Volunteer Capacity

Interns and volunteers are massive sources of opportunity when it comes to increases digital capacity. Roughly 1 in 4 Americans volunteer an average of 31 hours a year in work and internship programs can significantly help hiring efficacy.

Get advanced with Whole Whale University

Be Your Own Social Media Guru: Using engagement data to drive nonprofit impact

The social media landscape changes every 6 months. Don’t blindly follow the latest social media fads and gurus to guide your social media strategy – learn to look at your organization’s own data to see what is driving real value. This 3-hour course covers Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and will give you a framework to apply to any new platform that comes along.

More Impact & Capacity Resources