Why Technology matters

Source: Pew Research Center surveys, 2000-2015.

Source: Pew Research Center surveys, 2000-2015.

84% of adult Americans are online. People who care about your cause and people who benefit from your work most likely have access to the Internet. Nonprofits now have the ability to reach, engage, and influence people who matter more efficiently than ever with the right technology. It is just as important for nonprofits to understand and communicate their technical needs as it is for them to find the right staff and vendors to build for impact.

What you’ll learn


  • How to build on the cheap
  • How to write quality tech RFPs
  • How to find the right vendor for your technical projects

Where to start


Thanks to open source platforms, equipping your organization with powerful technologies does not require splurging. Learn how to build a website on a budget and how to pick software that meet your needs.

Learn from the field

Technology is always changing. Keep up with what’s new and what’s effective by attending nonprofit conferences with other socially-minded people.

Finding the right vendor

Crafting tech RFPs and grants can sometimes feel like training for a marathon. However, the hard work pays off in the end. Learn how to create well-written RFPs and grants so you can cross the finish line in glory.

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Get advanced with Whole Whale Tools

We’ve built tools with the goal of helping nonprofits do good better. Give them a try.



Helping you swim through the RFP writing process + connecting you to our database of vetted vendors.

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